October 29, 2015


My name isn’t Xentor, but my handle is.

Actually, I have dozens of handles, but Xentor was the first, and it’ll always be me.  XenSoft isn’t a real company (Unless some real company decided to use my made-up name), but maybe someday it will be.  For now, it’s just the moniker I’ve been putting on most of my released software since the early-to-mid 1990’s.

So who am I?

I’m a programmer who’s gotten bored of programming.  I’m a writer without a publisher.  I’m a gamer who may never play every game in his Steam library, because it just keeps growing.  I’m also a gamer who’s running out of closet space for all of his board/card games.  I’m a Netflix addict who may never make it through his Netflix queue, because it just keeps growing.  I’m a corporate sell-out that may never make it to retirement, because hedge funds just keep failing.  I’m a New Yorker who’s never read The New Yorker, because honestly, who reads print magazines these days?

Now the big question… Why does this site exist?  Why did I bother making a website that has no useful content whatsoever?

I can answer that in one simple word.  Because.