Replaced again

October 29, 2015

Every so often, a website needs to change.  This one had been untouched, literally, for about nine years.

It was a black site, not in the ethical sense, but in the “1995 called, they want their color theme back” sense.  It was written in a text editor, just because I had nothing better to do.  It had a few applications I wrote to augment software that’s too old to run on a modern computer.  It had some research I did into editing data files for a game that no one plays anymore.  It had a random quote generator, whose contents were so overused that the most they could elicit was a polite smile and an eye-roll.

It was old.

For a while, I considered doing some web design, and creating a great site with all sorts of flashy content.  But I’ve been programming for so long that it’s just not fun anymore.  So I took the lazy way out.


It’s overused.  It’s cliche.  But you know what?  It works.

So, enjoy.  Maybe I’ll update this site again in 2024.